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In 1933 the Bottomless Lakes area was set aside as New Mexico's first State Park. In the 1960's it was host to one of America's most incredible U.S. Road Racing Champion circut (SCCA) called "Las Ocho Millas". The Attached article from August 1967 Road and Track magazine quoted, "There's only one road to the circuit and the circuit itself is also the only way to get in and out of the park. The course is driven in a clockwise direction so as you reach the Y you stay to the left and the road runs along the mesa above the lakes. Though there are a few gentle bends along here, the top speed is limited only by the driver's skill (and daring) and the car's road holding and power. Whoeeeee, so fast and so much of it. On most road racing circuits there is one stretch where the driver can dump it in top gear and let it wind out but here there's mile after endless mile where your whole life could pass before you while you're scaring yourself to death."​ 

SCCA Las Ocho Millas Road Racing Champion circuit Roswell Ne Mexico 1967 Bottomless Lakes State Park
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